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Humane Learning Webinars: Wildlife Protection

Free webinars on wildlife protection

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Upcoming webinars

We have a wonderful series for shelter staff, animal control officers, and wildlife rehabbers coming up, titled, "Resolving the Public's Wildlife Problems in a Matter of Minutes".  Please check out the titles below.

Resolving the Public's Wildlife Problems in a Matter of Minutes

The Psychology of Call Handling and What to Do about Orphaned Wildlife Calls (now archived)

Resolving Wildlife Conflicts Humanely & Effectively (now archived)

Rabies: Myths and Misconceptions (October 12, 2016)

Archived webinars available to watch now

Humane Backyard

How to Attract Butterflies and Other Pollinators: Plant a Garden for Their Babies!

Top 5 Ways to Create a Humane Backyard

The Mindful Gardener

Download the related resource for our Humane Backyard webinars.

Additional Webinars

What You Need to know about Deer and Lyme Disease
There is a widespread fear that deer spread Lyme disease, and pose a public safety risk in our own backyards. As a result, community leaders and residents may suddenly clamor for a deer hunt or cull. However, there’s far more to the story. This webinar will reveal some surprising facts about Lyme disease and why deer are being wrongly maligned. We’ll also look at some interesting scientific studies which underscore how killing deer won't lower our risk of contracting this terrible disease (but may even increase it!) – and what actions we can take to truly protect ourselves.

Wildlife in Our Neighborhoods
Did you know that many species of wildlife thrive in urban areas? This sometimes brings animals into conflict with people. Covering the gamut of wildlife from raccoons to bats and birds, this presentation provides an overview of wildlife in urbanized areas including discussion of their relevant natural history and information on how these different species operate in cities and towns using the food and shelter people knowingly and unknowingly provide. Using examples and video from our experiences in the field (and utilizing the HWS approach) you will get the basic information and framework for addressing conflicts humanely and effectively.

Finding Peace with Canada Geese (Download Related Resource) Large flocks of Canada geese have become common in parks, golf courses, and other open spaces across North America. Learn how to implement an effective and humane program for solving conflicts with Canada geese, including modifying habitats to make them less desirable to geese, treating (addling) eggs so that they don’t hatch, and humanely harassing geese away from areas where they cause problems. Goose biology and other fun facts about geese will also be discussed.

Making Your Garden Deer and Woodchuck Resistant
Strategies to keep your garden deer and woodchuck resistant.

Lead-Free Wildlife: The Dangers of Using Lead Ammunition When Hunting
This webinar will discuss the dangers of using lead ammunition when hunting: policy implications and how you can help change the course for these majestic birds and other wild animals.

Coyotes in Your Neighborhood: Strategies for Addressing Common Concerns (Download Related Resource)
Are you concerned about coyote sightings in your neighborhood and worried about how to protect your pets? Want to learn tips for keeping coyotes out of your yard and neighborhood? Or are you a coyote advocate that would like to help restore peace between coyotes, people, and pets?

So You Want to be a Rehabber? Steps to get Started in Wildlife Rehabilitation (Download Related Resource)
This presentation is designed to offer advice to a wide audience in North America, helping answer and guide participants towards the appropriate resources, ensuring legal compliance. It will help to define a truly professional approach to an essentially new field of compassionate care for the wildlife that have been impacted by humans and the world we all share.

Buyer Beware: The Risks and Welfare Concerns Associated with the Fur Trade
Beyond general awareness about how animals are raised and killed for fur fashion, this webinar will cover relevant fur labeling and advertising laws, welfare and environmental concerns related to trapping and fur farms, and global and domestic industry trends including faux-fur. Walk away armed with knowledge about laws and techniques allowing you to tell the difference between real and faux fur.

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