The Humane Society of the United States
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Testimonials from Friends in the Field

The HSUS works with shelters and communities to help animals around the country and around the world

An HSUS rescuer carries a bird away from a suspected cockfighter's property. Alex Gallardo

For more than half a century, The HSUS has been the nation's most important advocate for local humane societies. From extensive training to disaster and financial assistance, our organization works every day to help shelters help animals.

And when the need to shelter victims of disasters or large-scale cruelties such as puppy mills, horse slaughter trade or factory farming falls outside the scope of local humane societies, we fulfill a special role here, too.

Together with our partner, The Fund for Animals, we provide sanctuary and direct care to thousands of creatures, big and small—making the duo among the largest and most diverse sanctuary operators in the United States.

Here's what some of the animal rescue groups, shelters and other organizations had to say about their experiences working with The HSUS recently.

Ron Seals, sheriff, Sevier County, Tennessee

"The HSUS provided valuable assistance to my department during a recent dogfighting case in which we rescued 53 dogs and arrested three people. The HSUS provided animal cruelty experts, arranged a temporary shelter and supplied kennels, medical care and food, all at no cost. We look forward to working with them in the future, if needed."

David Lucas, sheriff, Belmont County, Ohio

"The Humane Society came on board with us and our local animal shelter and we went and we rescued. Today, you saw the animals, where they're coming from, where they were and where they're coming to and it's unbelievable. There's no way that we could have done this locally without the help of the Humane Society." —WTOV9

Vermont Humane Federation

In recognizing outgoing Vermont Humane Federation president—and HSUS Northeast regional director—Joanne Bourbeau for her five terms at the organization's helm, incoming president Mary Taylor remarked, "Joanne’s depth of knowledge of animal welfare issues, compassion for animals and commitment to our humane community is unrivaled, and it’s thanks to her vision and leadership that VHF is well positioned to meet current and future challenges."

Whitney Rawlings, mayor, McComb, Mississippi

"The City of McComb appreciates the help The HSUS provided during Hurricane Isaac. Your help in removing all the animals from our shelter during the storm provided peace of mind to our shelter staff. We were concerned that flooding posed a threat to animals in the shelter, and emptying the shelter eliminated that concern while freeing up space for other pets from Louisiana that might need a home in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. We appreciate your swift action and concern."

Jo Staats, founder, W.Va. Pit Bull Haven and Pit Bull Preservation Society of W.Va.

"When a dogfighting bust takes place, The HSUS provides unlimited and invaluable resources to ensure that all the dogs (whether it's 10 or 1,000) will receive every chance. The staff is filled with people who sacrifice their personal lives traveling all over the country to ensure animals who are used for the most perverse human activities are no longer left in the hell they've endured. But even more importantly, they provide law enforcement with information, direction and continued assistance so the agencies are better equipped to not only investigate and prosecute, but to proactively discourage that type of criminal behavior in their communities in the first place."

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