The Humane Society of the United States
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Jennifer Hillman

Vice President, Grassroots Outreach and Engagement

  • Jennifer Hillman is Vice President of Grassroots Outreach and Engagement for The HSUS.

Jennifer Hillman is Vice President of Grassroots Outreach and Engagement for The HSUS.

Jennifer began her political advocacy career overseeing the grassroots lobbying and fundraising arm of Greenpeace USA in the Seattle area. After transitioning to the animal protection field, she worked for and served as a volunteer board member for several Washington based animal organizations including the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project (FCSNP) and the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN).

Jennifer began working for The HSUS in 2004 as a lobbyist, hired to protect Washington state wildlife laws passed by initiative from being overturned in the legislature. As The HSUS’ Washington state lobbyist she successfully lobbied the passage of several state bills including the nation’s strongest ban on exotic pet ownership, an increase in penalties for animal fighting and a bill to crack down on puppy mills. Beginning in 2005 as Deputy Director and then as Director of Ballot Issue Campaigns for The HSUS she worked on the successful passage of citizens initiatives in Massachusetts (to ban greyhound racing), Arizona (to ban gestation and veal crates) and Michigan (to ban the hunting of mourning doves).

In 2008 she oversaw the grassroots effort for the historic Prop 2 campaign in California that banned gestation and veal crates and was the nation’s first statewide ban on battery cages for egg-laying hens. In 2010 she organized the passage of the first statewide puppy mill initiative in Missouri and in Ohio worked to garner more protections for farm animals. In 2011 she was campaign manager for I-1130 in Washington State, which led to the introduction of the Federal Egg Products Inspection Act.

As VP of Grassroots Outreach and Engagement, she currently oversees eight signature HSUS programs, including State Councils, District Leaders, Rural Outreach, Faith Outreach, Celebrity Outreach, Grassroots Ballot Campaigns, Strategic Campaigns and Special Projects and National Volunteer Engagement.

Jennifer lives in Seattle with her partner and their six rescued cats.