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Find out how you can help animals in Massachusetts and around the country. Contact us » Frequently Asked Questions » See Massachusetts News on Facebook »

Meet Our Massachusetts State Director

After working on the campaigns for Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting and Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, Stephanie Harris is the Massachusetts state director.
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Take Action
  • Massachusetts: Protect wildlife from eight bad bills

    Massachusetts voters approved the Wildlife Protection Act more than 20 years ago. But eight bills could undermine that law by allowing cruel methods of hunting and trapping in the Commonwealth, and some would even repeal parts of that ground-breaking act.

  • Massachusetts: Protect elephants and rhinos

    Our undercover investigation revealed that undocumented ivory items are being sold all over Massachusetts. Poaching threatens the survival of elephants and rhinos; cutting off the supply and demand for ivory and rhino horn is the only way to ensure their protection.

  • Massachusetts: Keep animal protections and food safety decisions in the hands of voters and lawmakers

    Help prevent the creation of an unbalanced and unaccountable board that could impede protections for Massachusetts' farm animals and put agribusiness interests over the safety and protection of animals in Massachusetts.

  • Massachusetts: Help animals in laboratories

    Healthy dogs and cats deserve to have the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes after being used for research, testing, or education purposes, instead of being euthanized.

  • Massachusetts, protect farm animals from cruelty

    Massachusetts, farm animals need your help. Lawmakers who opposed the Act to Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals are now pushing to establish a deceptive livestock board. Their new measure, H.441, would create a politically unaccountable board that could put agribusiness interests over the safety and protection of animals in Massachusetts.


  • Get Mobile Alerts

    Text HSUSMA to 30644 to receive text alerts from The HSUS with ways to make a critical difference for animals in Massachusetts. (Message and data rates may apply.)

  • Volunteer for the animals 

    From helping animals in our care centers, to assisting the HSUS Animal Rescue Team, to grassroots organizing, there are many ways you can help. Learn More »

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