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Order Your Free Copy of "Eating Mercifully" Today

"Eating Mercifully," a new short film from The HSUS, is now available on DVD. The 26-minute documentary explores Christian perspectives on factory farming. As you'll see in the film, a growing number of Christians are changing their diet and consumer purchases because the way animals are treated in factory farms is inconsistent with their beliefs. Some are demanding better treatment of farm animals, while some are simply leaving animals off their plates altogether. Learn more »
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Download Questions for Discussion

Encourage discussion of humane food choice, factory farming, and our responsibilities as caretakers of God's creation.

Questions for discussion

Rural Development & Outreach

Food and faith work together when animal stewardship is a top priority for farmers and ranchers. Meet the HSUS State Agriculture Councils.

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About "Eating Mercifully

Twenty-six minutes may forever change the way you look at food and faith. "Eating Mercifully" examines critical findings of a Pew Commission report on U.S. industrial animal agriculture and considers factory farming practices from several Christian viewpoints.
The film features Robert Martin, Executive Director, Pew Commission; Southern Baptists Elaine and Dale West, Rooterville Sanctuary, Florida; Rev. Dr. Laura Hobgood-Oster, Southwestern University, Texas; Greg Boyd, Ph.D.,President, Christus Victor Ministries; Sr. Rosemarie Greco, DW, Connecticut; Farmer Peter McDonald, New York
The documentary debuted in 2008 with premiers at National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and at the annual conference of the Religion Newswriters Association. Since its debut, "Eating Mercifully" continues to be shown and discussed at colleges and universities, in large and small congregations and in other communities nationwide.
"Eating Mercifully" was featured in the Religion Communication Congress 2010 Film and Video Showcase.

Watch the Trailer »

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