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Captive Hunts

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Captive hunts, also known as “canned hunts,” are the very opposite of fair chase. Shooters at captive hunts pay to kill animals—even endangered species—trapped behind fences.

Animals from breeders, dealers, and even zoos or circuses may end up at captive hunts. Often the animals are hand-raised and bottle-fed, so they aren't afraid of people.

The animals are often accustomed to being fed in certain areas at regular intervals—and shooters will be there waiting. Captive hunts are so unsporting that hunting groups like Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, and the Izaak Walton League oppose them. Captive hunts also threaten cattle and wildlife with disease, while the owners earn big fees.

There are more than a thousand captive hunts in this country.

Animal Planet Exposes Captive Hunts

If you missed the "Animal Planet Investigates" segment devoted to an HSUS investigation of captive hunts, you can see some of our undercover footage at the link below.

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