The Humane Society of the United States
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Major Advancements in Farm Animal Protection

For nearly a century, animal agribusiness has forced farm animals into factory-like conditions, subjecting them to unspeakable cruelties: confining them in cages so small they can barely move, overcrowding them in massive warehouses, cutting off parts of their bodies without painkillers and more.

But in the past decade, The HSUS and fellow advocates have ushered in historic reforms. Restaurants, grocery stores and other food industry groups are transforming their supply chains, voters and state legislatures are taking a stand and undercover investigations are opening consumers' eyes to the plight of farm animals.

Browse examples of the corporate, legislative and other reforms The HSUS has helped secure in the past decade. Then lend your voice to farm animals by supporting our work on these and other issues.

Corporate policy

With our help, a wide variety of companies have announced plans to improve welfare standards in their supply chains.

Public policy

We've lobbied against the cruelest practices in industrial agriculture, such as extreme confinement in tiny cages or crates, and we've won.

Tail-docking ban


Rhode Island

Foie gras ban

Consumer awareness

We've exposed horrific abuse at factory farms and slaughter plants.

Help us continue making history for farm animals. Support our work on these and other issues »