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Every year, millions of animals—including cats, pigs, turtles, and frogs—are dissected in primary schools, middle schools, and high schools and then discarded, many after suffering and dying for nothing more than to satisfy the demand for biological “specimens.”

As the "study of life," biology should foster respect and compassion for animals. Yet dissection encourages neither; animal life is devalued and treated as expendable.

However, more and more students prefer to learn anatomy and physiology using humane alternatives such as computer-based programs, 3-D models, and videos, which are also less expensive to use. Educational research shows that students using humane alternatives learn as well or better than students using animals.

You Can Help

Students and teachers can choose to use alternatives, and our Dissection Campaign Packet provides guidance and materials for students and teachers who want to create a humane biology classroom at their school.

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