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Habitat Loss and Fragmentation

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As buildings and roads take the place of forests, deserts, prairies, and savannah, and as human-made calamities threaten habitats, wild animals are forced into ever smaller and more crowded spaces. Around the globe, there is no greater threat to their survival. We can slow this trend and give animals the space they need.

Animals are killed outright when the bulldozers move in. Those who can flee the destruction, face uncertain futures—if they can find a new place to live, it will probably already be occupied by others of their species. Populations are being fractured into smaller and smaller habitat patches, and we don’t yet know how this will affect biological diversity.

But countries around the world are recognizing that, if we want to have wildlife in wild places, these places must be protected and connected so that animals can move between habitats via protected corridors. In your community and state, you can promote slower, smarter development.

Protecting Wild Lands and Wild Animals

The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust protects wildlife by preserving natural habitats. Compassionate landowners across the country have worked with HSWLT to establish more than 100 permanent sanctuaries, where wildlife can continue to thrive for generations.

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