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Training & enforcement

Law enforcement training consists of a multifaceted, in-depth agenda.

Download the Humane State course module booklet (PDF) »

Law Enforcement Training

Below is the standar three-year training plan for law enforcement professionals, including officers, prosecutors, judges, and many others who play an active rold in identifying and combating animal cruelty.

Year One

Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence, Animal Cruelty and Fighting Investigations

  • Understanding the connections between animal abuse and human violence
  • How dogfighting and cockfighting are associated with other felony crimes
  • Investigating a cruelty or fighting complaint, from first response to filing charges
  • Recognizing evidence of puppy mills, dogfighting, cockfighting operations and illegal cruelty
  • Interviews, warrants and evidence collection as related to animal crimes
  • Knowing, interpreting and applying cruelty and fighting laws

Year Two: Veterinary Forensics

Crime Scene Analysis and Evidence Recognition – Animal vs. Human cases

  • Blood stain pattern analysis
  • Forensic entomology
  • Forensic botany
  • Trace evidence
  • Time of death assessments and measurements
  • Key steps for the investigator 

Application of Forensics and Crime Scene Considerations for Different Types of Cruelty

  • Working with veterinarians
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Sharp force trauma
  • Gunshot cases
  • Indicators of accidental injury
  • Sexual abuse
  • Burns and fire related injuries
  • Poisoning
  • Decomposed bodies and buried remains - the potential value
  • Case presentations

Police and Dog Encounters

  • Legal issues facing Law Enforcement: Fourth Amendment Issues
  • Dog behavior, mannerisms and body language
  • Non-lethal force options
  • Tactical issues
  • Lethal force considerations

Bonding & Forfeiture

  • The Nuts and Bolts of this Process
  • Protecting your Agency
  • Crossing the “Ts” and Dotting the “Is”
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