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Internet Hunting

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Internet hunting, also called remote controlled hunting, allows computer users to hunt large game and exotic animals confined behind fences from the comfort of their own home—for a fee, of course. Ask your Representative to support federal legislation that would ban this practice nationwide.

Internet hunting originated in Texas, and allows hunters to shoot animals with the click of a mouse. Feeding stations lure animals within range of a rifle mounted on a tripod. At one facility, the animals eat at the same time and place each day. When the animal approaches the feeding station at the appointed time, the desktop hunter uses the computer mouse to line up the crosshairs and fire the rifle.

Trophy mounts are prepared at the ranch and shipped to the customer.

Recognizing a bad idea when they see it, many states have passed laws banning this "pay-per-view" slaughter, but we need federal legislation to ban it in all states.

Where Does Your State Stand?

See our map of internet hunting laws by state. If your state doesn't have a ban on internet hunting yet, it's especially important that you urge urge your legislators to support federal legislation on this topic.

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