The Humane Society of the United States
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Safari Club International

The Humane Society of the United States

Safari Club International is not the environmentally-friendly, conservation-minded organization that it claims to be. SCI is a club for wealthy big-game hunters who compete in killing the most animals for the most awards. Members collect the heads, hides, and horns of animals from a list of more than 500 creatures and enter them in SCI's record book of trophy animals.   

To earn every award that SCI offers, a hunter must kill at least 171 different animals from around the world. Many SCI members have records for killing more than 400 different creatures that populate their trophy rooms, macabre mausoleums filled with dead animals.

Author Matthew Scully sums up the group in his book, Dominion. "Respect" at SCI, he says, means only "the courtesy of leaving enough behind for the next hunter."

"They practice socially conscious sadism here," he writes. "Ethics at Safari Club is ordered libertinism, like teaching cannibals to use a table napkin and not take the last portion."

Updated April 7, 2008

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