The Humane Society of the United States
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Mission: Humane Shows Kids How to Help Animals

Get young people involved in animal protection!

  • Young singer Jackie Evancho wants other kids to join her in helping animals through Mission: Humane! Keith Munyan

Mission: Humane gets young people actively involved in animal protection and provides resources for classroom teachers, animal sheltering professionals, and others to guide youth animal protection clubs.

The program provides projects for elementary-school students and teens, resources for forming clubs and taking action, and rewards for activities. Projects are designed to get young people working on the most important issues affecting animals today. Mission: Humane projects include:

A Cause for Paws

Learning proper dog care, promoting improved conditions for dogs in puppy mills, and raising community awareness about how to get a dog without supporting cruelty.

Combat Cruelty

Raising community awareness about recognizing and reporting animal abuse and the need for strict anti-cruelty laws.

Friends for Hens

Getting the word out about cruel battery cages used for hens and working to help the community go cage-free.

Shoot to Save Wildlife

Taking photos of our wild neighbors to teach others to appreciate and live peacefully with them.  

Fight Fur

Raising awareness about the cruelty of fur production.

Save Our Seals

Helping end the cruel Canadian seal hunt.

Be a Part of Mission: Humane!

Join Mission: Humane now by enlisting students in the step-by-step projects at and

Download the Mission: Humane Action Guide for directions on forming a club, suggestions for raising funds and awareness, and tips on contacting lawmakers.

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